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This portal… I know it contains every secret alchemy has to offer. However, it’s also led me astray. I saw the truth that lies within it, and I became convinced I could solve everything with alchemy. But I couldn’t possible have been more wrong. That was just arrogance.

Phil version ☆

Phil version

Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone Scenery + colour palettes 

musefan666 replied to your post: tbh phanfic writers really need to sto…

idk but ppl should drift more towards having fun and going on adventures w relationships and getting deep when they talk like abt the universe and all kinds of fluff JUST NO ROMANTICIZING OF THE MENTAL ILLNESS ITS RLY SHITTY

yeah omg there are so many really nice possibilities and cool things that can happen in a relationship but people still choose to write about self harm and depression and it just pisses me off so much like?? dan and phil aren’t like that at all and have so many good things happening in their lives!! I don’t know why people need to make up really unhealthy situations omg and the way that some of them portray relationship dynamics between them is so gross and unrealistic

Anonymous whispered:
hi hi hi, everything's been fine FINALLY after i've submitted my last papers hahah definitely going to check out jeanmarco fics now that i have absolutely nothing do you (i actually have a thesis proposal but i need a break help me). I just finished watching the first 9 episode im not readddyyy. another good anime this Summer is Zankyou no Terror, IT IS REALLY GOOD. and yes yes, danandphilgames is perfect their newest video is so fun to watch! have you watch it? -snk anon

omg hey!! woop good luck with your paper I’m sure you’ll do great, congrats on getting the proposal done!! but omg some jeanmarco fics I’ve read are just so perfect, I hope you find some really good ones! I’ve heard that Zankou no terror is good, I might watch that soon! I told myself I won’t start anything new until I finish something else ahaha so I’ll probably start it after this current anime season ends!

and omg though, I’m so so excited about this new channel, it feels like every day this week I’ve woken up to a new video!! This new one stressed me out so much though ahaha omg I can’t believe how frustrating it was


Sirius is braveloyalreckless, embittered and slightly unbalanced by his long stay in Azkaban. He has never really had the chance to grow up. 

For Lina, because I love her

tbh phanfic writers really need to stop romanticising depression and absolute codependency omg I’m so sick of seeing descriptions about one of them being saved from despair by the other it’s so gross

Dominic Howard by Will Hawkins. 2010





reblog because wow what a great quality audio file this is

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